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The Winter Awakening will be february 18 & 19 at Joplin Family Worship center in Joplin, MO (click here for directions).

We'll be joined by Don Nordin, author, Confrence speaker, and pastor. He is the author of The book The Audacity of Prayer.

Don Nordin is the lead pastor of CT church, Don Nordin, has more than 30 years of pastoral experience. He has served in a host of leadership roles and is a gifted communicator.

Don is an author and sought-after speaker in the areas of leadership, church consulting, revivals, and camp meetings. Pastor Nordin has a tremendous passion for souls, as well as training ministers and church leaders. Get your copy of Pastor Nordin's latest book, "The Audacity of Prayer" today!

Please join us on february 18 & 19 at 7pm at Joplin Family Worship Center in Joplin Mo. (this is a nondenominational event for all christians).

For more information call KNEo at (417) 451-5636





Help get the word out about David Ravenhill and the Winter Awakening. Hang these posters on a local bulletin board or in a church.

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