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The Spring Awakening will be Thursday, September 4, at Joplin Family Worship Center in Joplin, MO (click here for directions).

Born in Cuba, living under a cruel, oppressive dictator, Rafael was imprisoned. In 1957, he came to Texas with only the clothes on his back and began to work for 50 an hour. In pursuit of the American dream, Rafael built a small business and became an ordained minister. He would tell his son, Ted, "As a child growing up, I faced oppression in Cuba and had a place to flee, but here in America, if we lose our freedom, where do we go?"

In 2012, his Son, Ted Cruz, was elected as a United States Senator from Texas.

Rafael now travels the country sharing his story and speaking on the Biblical foundation of our nation. He encourages Christians to return our nation to the principles that made America exceptional.

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VIDEO: Glenn Beck Interview with Cruz

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VIDEO: Rafael Cruz preaching