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THe Warning

Today there is much talk of events that are unfolding around the world, and many in America. This great country that once stood with a great moral compass that guided its people is daily eroding before their very eyes.

Complacency and lack of true spiritual leadership in many areas has now taken the greatest civilization of people, who have been blessed greatly, to a place where the risk of a downward ride is ahead.

The Bible mentions that as the end of time nears there will be great falling away. That means that people who have surrendered their Godly heritage and have grown cold toward the ways of the true God in favor of becoming politically correct to many gods.

The evangelical church in America has lost more than 2.6 million of its people in the last 10 years. That's over 200,000 people a year leaving the church. Estimates of many of those who study these matters place only 25 to 28 million truly born again believers in America, which has more than 316 million people.

In 2011, America became the No. 1 most-unreached English-speaking country in the world because- not all, but- many evangelical churches have not been what God appointed the church to be.

Some believe that because of many natural disasters and economic woes, America is under judgment- but not yet. America is under the warning of coming judgment; for when God sends judgment, we will know it to be real.

This is no time to play games with your soul. Call upon Jesus today to truly help you repent and ask for His help. For He soon will be all we have left.

Mark Taylor is the General Manager of KNEO Radio and President of Sky High Broadcasting. You can read his weekly columns in the Big Nickel, the Newton County News, the Free Press and the Neosho Daily News, or email him at mtaylor@kneo.org.