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Your Descendant's Heritage

If you are around 25 years old, there is a better chance than not that there were people, or at least one or two, that were some type of Godly influence in your life at some time period. Now in the last 20 years the number of people going to church and the church itself has been changing in many ways.

There was a mom or dad, most likely a grandparent, that probably prayed for you and was the one that talked to you about God and Jesus, His Son, and the importance of knowing Jesus and living a Godly type of life.

That is not so common these days, but it used to be. Many of you that are reading this had someone that took the time to take you to church or maybe read Bible stories to you. Those were times when families would pray at their meal times, even if that was the only influence that you really got to see in action.

I'm sure that many of you reading this can think back to those days when you may have felt something that seemed to draw inside of you an understanding that there is a God and Savior that can help you in life.

You may have remembered hearing the name of Jesus when you were around those Godly descendants of family members, neighbors or friends whose lives seemed to be simple, maybe, but there was a peacefulness and kindness you may not have felt in a while.

That same Jesus is still near today if you want to reconnect. He still cares more than you know, and He loves you.

Mark Taylor is the General Manager of KNEO Radio and President of Sky High Broadcasting. You can read his weekly columns in the Big Nickel, the Newton County News, the Free Press and the Neosho Daily News, or email him at mtaylor@kneo.org.