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sin has its rights

This may sound like a strange thing to say, but the bigger question here is not why sin has its rights but how did it get this way?

Sin has been and always will be an issue to deal with until Satan is dealt with for the last time, and that time is coming soon now. A good example of what happens when sin is not dealt with comes from the book of Judges in the Bible where, before the first chapter is finished, God's people don't get the sinful people out completely like they are supposed to. So they just move in around them, and before many more chapters and books later, God's people have become just like them in their complacency. They let sin still hang around, and unless it is destroyed and overcome, it will always come back even in greater measure.

Today, that is exactly what we see. Because sinfulness has not been dealt with in the past by our former Christian forefathers, we today see that sin has now been given protective status. There are now laws that, if some challenge sinful practices, they can be sued or fined or put in jail. All because the church, which has been given authority over sin, has not always destroyed it, but just decided to live among it- and sin has a powerful draw upon one's flesh because the flesh desires sinfulness. That's why our soul and our flesh fight against each other so much.

God gave us Jesus to show us we can overcome. But we must fight for our rights over sin, and no man can ever give us that victory. Only the power of God will do that.

Mark Taylor is the General Manager of KNEO Radio and President of Sky High Broadcasting. You can read his weekly columns in the Big Nickel, the Newton County News, the Free Press and the Neosho Daily News, or email him at mtaylor@kneo.org.