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A message from Mark Taylor, President of Sky High Broadcasting
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May all your days at this time of year be times of blessing and releasing the presence of the glory of the Lord's work in your lives.

We'd like to ask you that, over the next few days, that you might drop us a note, or email, or give us a call and let us know about what some of your favorite programs are at KNEO.

You may also want to leave your comments or testimonies that you'd like to share.

We'd love to hear from you by telling us some of those programs that mean the most to you.

To get in touch, our address is 10827 HWY 86 East, Neosho, MO 64850. Click here to donate on our website. Our phone is 417-451-5636. You may drop by as well, we're located one mile west of HWY 71 and the 86 intersection near Neosho.

And any gift you leave with us is tax deductible, so please consider helping us in that area as well. It would really be appreciated.

May God be with you all, and may Jesus daily be at work in every area of your life and those around you.

-Mark Taylor

The Mission

In the day we now live in, it seems that hearing the Word of God is rare. Many substitutes are offered from many pulpits across the land, but here at KNEO our mission is clear: impact society, never compromise the message of the Gospel, and be flexible with the methods used to get the Word out. Times change and so do people, but God's Word never changes!

We now live in a day that is like no other. The people that will make an impact on this generation will be those that will see the need to fill the void and stand on the Word.

There will be discontent even in our own ranks at times and some will want to challenge the Word and how it relates to today's world; however, here at KNEO the Word stands firm and from that we will broadcast daily. We must make prayer our number-one priority and the study of the Bible the guide to accomplish the mission of Sky High Broadcasting.

Our Commitment

KNEO Radio is committed to use the voice that God has given us to honor and glorify Him and to help further His kingdom purposes in the day in which we now live. With the ability to reach a populated area of over 600,000 people in the 4-State area and the ability to also reach millions more around the world via the Internet, KNEO realizes that we have a voice that is greater than most church congregations and we are committed to fulfilling God 's plans that he has for this ministry. We consider it a great honor that God has chosen us to represent Him and be about His business here on the earth at this time. KNEO will not back down from spreading the truth, we will always be moving forward and seeking God's council daily until He decides to make an adjustment. This radio ministry is not about our labors but about God's plans being fulfilled. We are Radio that impacts the future.


KNEO Radio continues to grow, and as we do we want to always assure our donors and sponsors that we consider your support valuable. KNEO is governed by a Board of Directors, and from the board we have selected a finance committee that oversees the entire cash flow of this ministry. This committee goes through a four-step process that acts as check and balance systems for the ministry.

Each May an audit is conducted at KNEO by a local CPA firm. This is just another way to make sure your gifts and donations are being handled properly.

KNEO is also a member of the Missouri Broadcasters Association and we pay for a mock inspection every two or three years to make sure all of our operating procedures our inline with what the FCC wants.

We are also members of the National Religious Broadcasters Association, which requires its members to operate in complete integrity.

We realize that we are not only accountable to you and others for how we operate but are watched by a much greater, heavenly authority Who we will have to give an account to as well someday.





Vision can change, and may need to be altered. But it's the values that always need to stay the same. Our values are based on the Word of God, which never changes.

Without vision we can't address the future!

Without vision we won't accomplish our purposes for being here!

Without vision many people will perish in their sins if we don't show them the way out!

Without vision many Christians will struggle where they're at and never get above where they could have been!

With a vision of what God sees, there is hope in a bright future. Lives will be impacted throughout the world where God gives us influence. If we will be faithful to our call, focused on Gods plans for the future, and dedicated to the place where God has put us to impact people for the cause of Christ, great things will happen. With vision, we can help get others involved in the task they were called to do. Because of that, heaven will become larger and we can be assured of hearing, "Well done, good and faithful servant."